Enterprise workstations built for media and entertainment.

Create your design and rendering work with our optimized workstations--complete with the most technologically advanced software in the industry.

Our workstations are optimized for the following software.

Design engineering for the future using Autocad on our workstations and solutions.

Count on our solutions to deliver on Adobe Creative Cloud, one of the most poweful design programs.

Our solutions will aid in your mechanical and visualization designs using Inventor.

We provide solutions for the most intensive 3D Studio Max projects.

Accelerate your 3D graphics work with our specialized computing workstation for Maya.

Create the best modeling design on Solidworks with the help of our dynamic solutions.

Media Workstations

SabrePC CWS-2000007382 Midtower Media Workstation

- (1) NVIDIA Quadro P2000
- (1) Intel Core i7-6850K Processor
- (2) 8GB DDR4 Memory
- (1) 512GB SSD
- Optimized for all Media Applications

SabrePC CWS-2000007376 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Media Box

- (2) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
- (1) Intel Core i7-6850K Processor
- (4) 16GB DDR4 Memory
- (1) 256GB SSD
- (1) 4TB HDD
- Optimized for Media Applications

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