Accelerate with AMBER

Accelerate your molecular dynamics with AMBER by simulating the interaction between drug candidates and protein receptors. AMBER also simulates bio- catalysis and uses NVIDIA GPUs to complete those molecular simulations at an incredible speed. Using AMBER will enhance the research process by increasing research accuracy, sampling efficiency, and more.

Scientists and researchers use AMBER solutions to compute at a high power efficiency and faster speeds. Browse our solutions ranging from workstations to cluster to maximize your molecular dynamics simulations.


AMBER Optimized MD System Features

• Preinstalled AMBER GPU computing solutions
• Guaranteed for performance optimization to meet and exceed expections
• Quickly implement your software patches and testing with included example scripts
• Complete more projects by saving installation time
• Customized to your needs and budget

Optimized AMBER MD Solutions

SabrePC KSR4-2000007322 GPU AMBER 4U Rackmountable Workstation
- (2) NVIDIA Double Width GPU Support
- (2) Intel Xeon E5-2620 V4 Processor
- (4) 8GB DDR4 Memory
- (1) 2TB SSD
- AMBER Software

SabrePC CWSS-2000007323 GPU AMBER Workstation
- (2) NVIDIA Double Width GPU Support
- (1) Core i7-6850K Processor
- (4) 8GB DDR4 Memory
- (1) 1TB SSD
- AMBER Software

SabrePC KSR4-2000007324 GPU AMBER 4U Rackmount Server System
- (4) NVIDIA Double WIth GPU Support
- (2) Intel Xeon E5-2650 V4 Processor
- (16) 32GB DDR4 Memory
- (1) 256GB SSD
- AMBER Software