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Delve into Deep Learning with SabrePC

Deep learning is subset of machine learning that uses similar techniques to learn high-level representations of data. By utilizing intensive processing methods and parsing massive sets of data, deep learning algorithms can develop speech and image recognition that can be applied to a myriad of practical applications.

What Can Our Deep Learning Solutions Do For You?

mass data processing

Mass Data Processing

A Deep Learning machine will be able to process massive amounts of data due to its Deep Neural Networks (DNNs).


Speech Recognition and Analysis

Deep Learning systems are capable of recognizing natural speech through pattern recognition.

image and pattern recognition

Image and Pattern Recognition

By recognizing patterns, NVIDIA DIGITS allows Deep Learning machines to learn to recognize and process images.


Much More

Applications for this powerful technol- ogy are endless as more and more researchers & developers are expand- ing on this field.

2x GTX 1080 Ti Devbox

Starting At

Intel Core i7-6850K 6-Core 3.6GHz

256GB SSD for OS/Deep Learning

4TB HDD for Data

4x 16GB DDR4

Pre-installed Platforms
Deep Learning Caffe Deep Learning CNTK Deep Learning TensorFlow Deep Learning theano Deep Learning torch


Deep Learning DockerDocker, the leading container platform, can now be used to containerize GPU-accelerated applications. This means you can easily containerize and isolate accelerated application without any modifications and deploy it on any supported GPU-enabled infrastructure. Managing and monitoring the accelerated data center has never been easier.

SabrePC Deep Learning Devboxes

SabrePC Deep Learning Devboxes are equipped with the latest in GPU hardware technology. Each system comes pre-loaded with our software suite of the most popular deep learning platforms. All SabrePC Devboxes are fully turnkey as we thoroughly test and validate each system so that it is ready to run right out of the box.

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Let Us Help You Decide the Best Option

Are you having issues deciding what the best hardware options are that will fit within your budget? Then take a look at some of our most popular SabrePC Deep Learning Devbox models that are suitable for any budget.

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SPC workstation
SabrePC Deep Learning Servers

SabrePC Deep Learning Servers feature rackmountable, high-performance servers and workstations specifically designed to fast track Deep Learning development, training & inference.

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SPC Server


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