Optimized Solutions Tailored Just For You

SabrePC offers custom solutions that are designed and tested to produce superior performance and quality. We specialize in computing platforms precisely created for medical imaging, computational fluid dynamics, machine learning, computational finance, and more. Our experienced in-house engineers will guide you with selecting the most applicable components to fit your standards. We are confident our solutions will provide long lasting reliability and we offer a three year standard warranty on all SabrePC systems.

1U Rackmount | 2U Rackmount | 3U Rackmount | 4U+ Rackmount


Professional Workstation | Multi-Monitor Workstation | GPU Optimized


Intel Xeon CPU Cluster | NVIDIA Tesla GPU Cluster | Intel Xeon Phi Cluster


Parallel Computing
Intel Xeon Phi | NVIDIA Tesla | Deep Learning | Life Science


3 Year Warranty In-House Engineering Expert Support
Our solutions are tested rigorously by our in-house engineers to provide incredible reliabilityand performance. To ensure confidence in our solutions, we offer a three year warranty on any system which includes parts and labor. All SabrePC solutions are created by our in-house engineers and designed specifically to excel in your computing demands. We make sure each solution is tailored precisely to provide outstanding results so you can stay ahead of the competition. We know finding a solution that meets your specific needs is a time consuming task. Our support team is here to walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.We have in-house engineers with years of experience that can offer step-by-step guidance for finding the perfect solution.


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