Relion Solutions

Accelerate Your Cryo-EM Workflow

Relion, developed by Sjors Spheres at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, has transformed the Cryo-EM industry. Its image processing software was specifically built for macromolecular structural analysis of electron cryo-microscopy data. Relion allows for refinement of various 3-D reconstructions or 2D class averages. It optimizes tuning parameters and automatically filters data to provide a more proactive and efficient method of single-particle analysis. Tap into Relion’s Cryo-EM software with SabrePC GPU solutions.

Supercharged with GPUs

Using the GPU-accelerated RELION 2.0, your cryo-em workflows can be significantly improved. By utilizing a GPU-powered SabrePC Relion Optimized Workstation, it is possible to achieve atomic resolution reconstruction within days! This can also be achieved within hours if using a SabrePC GPU Cluster. Dramatic speed-ups can be seen when compared to a similarily priced CPU-powered node vs a GPU-powered node.

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Relion for Cryo-EM Solutions