Relion For Cryo-EM

Accelerate Your Cryo-EM Workflow

Get Your Results Faster with Relion Optimized Workstations and Servers

SabrePC Relion GPU Solutions are outfitted with the latest NVIDIA GPUs and enterprise hardware. To make your job easier and faster, each workstation and server ships pre-loaded with our Relion for Cryo-EM software stack. We pride ourselves in delivering a fully turnkey solution, that's why all of our systems go through extensive validation and testing before being shipped out. This process enables us to deliver a solution that is ready to perform right out of the box. On top of that, each of our systems are covered by our standard 3 year warranty!
Great for running smaller simulations, while on a budget.

Intel Core X-Series GPU Workstation for MD

1x Intel Core X-Series Processor
Up to 256GB System Memory
4x 2.5" and 2x 3.5" Internal drive bays
Up to 4x Double-Wide GPU
Gigabit Ethernet

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Rack-mountable workstation for complex simulations.

Dual Intel Xeon Performance

2x Intel Xeon Scalable family Processor
Up to 2TB System Memory
8x 3.5" Hot-Swap drive bays
Up to 4x Double-Wide GPU
Dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet

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Extreme performance with high-end processors and memory configurations.

Dual AMD EPYC High-End Simulation Server

2x AMD EPYC 7002 Series Processor
Up to 4TB System Memory
24x 2.5" Hot-Swap (4x NVMe) drive bays
Up to 8x Double-Wide GPU
Gigabit Ethernet

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Reach your research goals with more tools in your toolbox.

Fully Customizable To Meet Your Needs


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Proven To Accelerate Your Results

Using the GPU-accelerated RELION 2.0, your Cryo-EM workflows can be significantly improved. By utilizing a GPU-powered SabrePC Relion Optimized Workstation, it is possible to achieve atomic resolution reconstruction within days! This can also be achieved within hours if using a SabrePC GPU Cluster. Dramatic speed-ups can be seen when compared to a similarily priced CPU-powered node vs a GPU-powered node.

We work with leading institutions.


Why SabrePC?

3 Year Warranty

Have peace of mind knowing all SabrePC systems come standard with our 3 year warranty and support.

Fully Turnkey

No set up required. Simply plug and play, right out of the box.

EDU Discounts Available

When you’re teaching or researching cutting-edge technologies, you don’t need to worry about price.

Global Shipping

Timely and affordable global shipping options.

Advanced Replacement

Should a part go bad, don't worry, we’ve got you covered.

Refine your results:
Rack Height
2U (1)
4U (10)
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Processor Manufacturer
AMD (1)
Intel (11)
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Number of Processors Supported
1 (1)
2 (11)
See all
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Processor Socket
Socket P LGA-3647 (9)
Socket R3 LGA-2011 (1)
Socket R4 LGA-2066 (1)
Socket SP3 (1)
See all
See less
Processor Supported
7001-Series (1)
7002-Series (1)
Bronze 31XX (9)
Bronze 32XX (9)
Core i5 (1)
Core i7 (1)
Core i9 (1)
E5-2600 v3 (1)
E5-2600 v4 (1)
Gold 51XX (9)
Gold 52XX (9)
Gold 61XX (9)
Gold 62XX (9)
Platinum 81XX (9)
Platinum 82XX (9)
Silver 41XX (9)
Silver 42XX (9)
See all
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Maximum Memory
1.5 TB (3)
2 TB (2)
3 TB (2)
768 GB (2)
1 TB (1)
256 GB (1)
4 TB (1)
See all
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Number of Double Wide Cards
4 (4)
8 (3)
10 (3)
5 (2)
See all
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Storage Drive Form Factor
2.5" (9)
3.5" (6)
M.2 (6)
U.2 (2)
See all
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Number of Drives Supported
24 (4)
8 (3)
4 (2)
14 (2)
9 (1)
See all
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Ethernet Technology
1000BASE-T (12)
100BASE-TX (12)
10BASE-T (12)
10GBASE-T (8)
See all
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Number of Network (RJ-45) Ports
2 (12)
See all
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Management Port
Yes (11)
No (1)
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Maximum Power Supply Wattage
2000 W (7)
1000 W (4)
1800 W (4)
1980 W (4)
1968 W (2)
2200 W (2)
1600 W (1)
3000 W (1)
3200 W (1)
4800 W (1)
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Green Compliance Certificate/Authority
80 Plus Titanium (6)
80 Plus Platinum (5)
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