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  • Product Type: Connector Insert
  • Compatibility: C13 Power Cord/C14 Inlet
  • Product Type: Connector Insert
  • Condition: New
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The PLC14YW Plug-Lock Insert fits snugly over the end of a detachable C13 power cord to ensure it stays connected to a C14 inlet and that critical equipment remains powered. Its yellow color-coding helps you identify the cord quickly in a crowded PDU or rack. A no-clutter alternative to zip ties, the PLC14YW is also a money saver next to more expensive proprietary electrical-cord locks.

C13 cable connections to a C14 inlet are frequently loose-fitting and can be accidentally dislodged from critical equipment by the slightest nudge or vibration, a common occurrence when performing network maintenance. With 10 times more retention force than a standard cord-to-inlet connection, the PLC14YW prevents the cord from coming loose from the inlet. It strengthens the connection, keeping critical equipment plugged in and running during routine rack access and maintenance.

Installation is a breeze. Just place the plug-lock insert over any C13 input cord and connect it to any C14 inlet. To disconnect the cord from the power source, grip both the cord and the insert's tabs at the same time and pull. The PLC14YW is compatible with detachable C13 power cords with no special cables, outlets, tools or hardware required. It's made from high-strength PA66 nylon that meets UL 94 standards with a V-2 flame rating. Each package contains 100 inserts.


Electrical-Cord Lock Keeps C13 Power Cord Connected to C14 Inlet

  • Fits over end of C13 cord to eliminate a loose connection in its inlet
  • Prevents accidental disconnection of network hardware during routine rack maintenance
  • 10 times more retention force than standard cord/inlet connection
  • Less clutter than standard zip-tie cord retention
  • Less expensive than proprietary plug-locking hardware

Simple, Inexpensive Installation

  • Compatible with detachable C13 power cords with no special cables, outlets, tools or hardware required
  • Manual disconnection is easy using convenient pull tabs
  • Yellow color-coding for easy ID in crowded PDU or rack

High-Strength Construction

  • Made from PA66 nylon that meets UL 94 standards with a V-2 flame rating
  • 100 inserts to a package


  • Compliant with the Federal Trade Agreements Act (TAA) for GSA Schedule purchases