Intel AXXTPME6 Trusted Platform Module (TPM)


Product Highlights:

  • Product Type: Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
  • Condition: New
  • Category: Computers and Portables
  • Subcategory: System Accessories
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General Information
Intel Corporation
Manufacturer Part Number
Manufacturer Website Address
Brand Name
Product Model
Product Name
AXXTPME6 Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
Product Type
Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
Intel Devices:
  • Server Board S2600WT
  • Server Board S7200AP
  • Server Board S7200APL
  • Server Board S2600CW2
  • Server Board S2600CW2S
  • Server Board S2600CWT
  • Server Board S2600CWTS
  • Server Board S2600CW2R
  • Server Board S2600CW2SR
  • Server Board S2600CWTR
  • Server Board S2600CWTSR
  • Server Board S2600WT2
  • Server Board S2600WTT
  • Server Board S2600WTTR
  • Server Board S2600WT2R
  • Server Board S2600WTTS1R
  • Compute Module HNS7200AP
  • Compute Module HNS7200APL
  • Server System R1208WT2GS
  • Server System R1208WT2GSR
  • Server System R1208WTTGS
  • Server System R1208WTTGSR
  • Server System R1304WT2GS
  • Server System R1304WT2GSR
  • Server System R1304WTTGS
  • Server System R1304WTTGSR
  • Server System R2208WT2YS
  • Server System R2208WTTYC1
  • Server System R2208WTTYS
  • Server System R2224WTTYS
  • Server System R2308WTTYS
  • Server System R2312WTTYS
  • Server System R2208WTTYSR
  • Server System R2208WT2YSR
  • Server System R2208WTTYC1R
  • Server System R2308WTTYSR
  • Server System R2312WTTYSR
  • Server System R2224WTTYSR