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Epiphan Pearl Nano Review

June 16, 2021 • 4 min read


Introducing the Epiphan Pearl Nano

Epiphan has outdone themselves again with another great all-in-one multimedia streaming encoder device by introducing the Pearl Nano to their line.

The most compact Pearl product in the line has just as many great features as its bigger brothers Pearl Mini and the Pearl 2 for half the cost, and even sports the same zero latency streaming. The Pearl Nano is a great introduction product for any new video streamer and any video professional that favors portability without sacrificing popular features available with the Pearl.

Protocol support for streaming includes:

  • SRT
  • HLS
  • RTMP

Pearl Nano


Video inputs include both an HDMI and SDI port for versatility by:

  • Using an SDI Camera to record 
  • Using an HDMI to your computer 
  • Connecting to the Pearl Nano 

Audio inputs are available for Line-level XLR, USB and RCA so you can also plug in an audio mixer for better sound quality. The LCD Display has all the functions and setting you need to control your device for any setup. 

All these functions are powered over PoE+ so you can plug in play with a router or switch, reducing the amount of cabling needed for the encoding device. DC power is available as well, if needed.

Storage and Security

If storage is an issue, the Pearl Nano is a perfect solution for flexible storage in a compact encoder. This includes an SD card and attached storage drives using USB to upload to your computer, local server or a network attached storage device. If you feel like that’s still not enough storage for your use, an added M.2 SATA SSD expansion bay is included. 

For security, Epiphan has included strong security measures such as DHCP and LDAP support, with role-base access control, 802.1.x network control and SSL. This all helps protect against unauthorized access while allowing you to connect to any network.


Epiphan has done an amazing job integrating 3rd party software with their hardware for the Pearl Nano. 

Pairing with Video Content Management Systems (VCMS) Panopto or Kaltura allows a seamless pairing for scheduling recording events using the built in LCD screen and controls. They offer rich video management solutions that deliver top tier services with plenty of accessible features like captions and in-video searching. Both services are great for streaming, including live streaming class lectures or a video conference with a large number of attendees. 

Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) security integration gives high quality, low latency video streaming over a secure network. Connecting to Epiphan Cloud from a Pearl Nano is a seamless transition to upload content to the cloud. This software allows easier management for all your Epiphan devices so you can get the best streaming video possible. Cloud can allow a user to connect their Pearl Nano device along with an Epiphan LiveScrypt and other devices, streamlining access to key device statistics such as storage, health, and operational status.


Key Features to the Pearl Nano

  • Cost efficient and compact
  • Built in custom layout builder
  • Support various video protocols
  • SDI / HDMI input and pass through
  • PoE+
  • Cloud based configuration via Epiphan Cloud
  • Integration with Kaltura and Panopto
  • Expansion bay for M.2 SATA SSD
  • SSL protection

Visit the Epiphan Pearl Nano Product Page

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