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What is NAS (Network Attached Storage)?

November 17, 2021 • 3 min read


What is NAS (Network Attached Storage) and why does it matter?

Data is of utmost importance for any company. Bad customer service, loss of sales, and business liquidation can easily result from a lack of access to corporate data. Simply put, companies are unable to meet customer expectations if their corporate information is not readily available.


What is NAS?

Network attached storage, or NAS, can be placed at home or at the office to serve as a private storage device. It is a computing appliance that enables multiple users to access their data from a variety of devices, such as computers and smartphones, by simply connecting to a router or switch. 

Using a web browser, you can store important files, pictures, and videos on a NAS, where they can be accessed, stored, and shared with others.

Why use NAS?

  • Low cost
  • Easy to operate without the need for an IT specialist
  • Perfect for centralizing data safely and reliably
  • Data is readily available and backed up
  • Acts like a private cloud so data can be accessed remotely
  • Allows employees to work from anywhere at anytime


Introducing the ASUSTOR NAS Product Line

ASUSTOR NAS devices have been developed to provide best-in-class storage for home users, content creators and gamers, and businesses. 

With ASUSTOR, your data is safe and protected. Files can simply be accessed by using a web browser from anywhere with an internet connection. Watching stored videos on a NAS cross-platform through a smartphone, computer, or set top box is made easy. ASUSTOR devices with transcoding automatically convert files to the corresponding resolution for the device in use, which ensures smooth playback on almost any screen.


You can enjoy high speeds and high capacity with ASUSTOR NAS devices. You can also increase efficiency and workflow productivity with ASUSTOR’s 10GB and 2.5GB NAS devices like the Lockerstor 10. 

There are a variety of options to expand hard drive storage. You can simply swap the installed drives for larger ones, add additional drives, or purchase an AS6004U expansion unit when the maximum storage is reached.

ASUSTOR NAS Recommendations

The following are a few of the best-selling ASUSTOR NAS devices on SabrePC:

If you have any questions about NAS or any other storage device feel free to contact us and we will help you get started.

In the meantime, you can find other articles and comparisons elsewhere on the SabrePC blog. Keep a lookout for more helpful articles that will be on the way soon.




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