Product Review

Teleport: The New and Improved SSHD Server Software

May 17, 2017 • 1 min read


Gravitational reinvented the SSHD wheel and did it better.

SSHD server software has been around since the dawn of time and has not been revisited since its inception. Now, for the first time, a contender has stepped up to improve and evolve the software. Welcome to Teleport by Gravitational, built with Google language "Go".

Gravitational's Teleport provides support teams with a simpler way to manage server clusters that is actually safer for critical infrastructure. It's a front-end UI overlay for SSHD, meaning you can create networks of teleport nodes in a cluster that essentially allows you to "teleport" your way across the network. The only current downside with Teleport is that it lacks TCTL users modify command so you have to delete/re-add to change mappings. Apart from a few quirks, this is a very useful tool for your SSHD server.


  • Drop over SSHD (requires SSHD users to be present)
  • Works with existing OpenSSH clients and servers out of the box
  • Uses OpenSSH certificates stored on a cluster to auto-generate session keys
  • Decouples SSH logins from server logins for additional security
  • Optional identity store to authenticate
  • Standard CLI interface
  • Web-UI that provides quick access to available nodes
  • Terminal Emulator within Web-UI for joint-login session shares
  • Sessions can be re-coded and played back through Web-UI (HTML5 file)

How do I install Teleport?

Gravitational Teleport natively installs on most Linux distributions, but you can download pre-built binaries from here or you can build it from the source.




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