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A Review of Graphics Cards for Media and Entertainment Workstations

November 22, 2017 • 4 min read

Media and Entertainment Applications

Rendering programs are generally used to create three-dimensional models, to be placed in highly detailed three-dimensional settings/environments. These models are usually interactive and easily navigable. Engineers, architects, and visual artists in various industries use rendering programs to create realistic and in-depth demonstrations of models for presentation. While some rendering programs might include basic animation tools, others are quite sophisticated with fully-loaded animation programs to add life to the entire scene.

Over the last decade, media and entertainment programs have come a long way from being basic image processing tools to high-quality visual applications that are able to generate life-like models and scenery.

Whatever the essence of your CAD (Computer-Aided Drawing) related work is, a good graphics card is a vital element for delivering the high-quality results that you require! A typical graphics card is loaded with one or more graphics processing units that take care of all the visual components, which reduces the CPU workload. In this article, we will review the best of CAD-specific cards.


The PNY Quadro P6000 graphics card by NVIDIA is specifically designed to produce special visual effects and high-definition video editing. This card is great for visual artists because of its features: resolutions of 5k at 60Hz and 4k at 120 Hz.

Loaded with 24GB of GDDR5X memory and 3840 cores, the P600 graphics card can produce stunning and in-depth renderings, both in VR and on-screen. This makes it a highly effective tool for architects and engineers, who are looking to produce life-like CAD related renderings.

Currently, the P6000 graphics card is the fastest by NVIDIA. Hence, it is the clear choice for all professional visual design and CAD-related tasks.


The PNY P2000 graphics card is our middle-end pick. Offering an exceptional experience across a range of 3D design platforms, this graphics card is great for its price.

The P2000 has a 5 GB GDDR5 memory and 1024 CUDA cores courtesy of the Pascal architecture. This allows it to create highly detailed images and 3D models.

With regard to performance, this card could be classified as being in the intermediate range. It is capable of aiding detailed visual effects and 3D models. However, being relatively low on memory, it can’t support anything that is overly complex.

Nevertheless, displaying video resolutions of 5K at 60 HZ, the P2000 remains a highly sophisticated choice for visual artists.


The PNY P600 is an affordable, yet reliable solution for all the money savers out there! Having a low-profile form factor, this graphics card remains compatible with workstations that have limited power and space.

As far as the CAD performance goes, this graphics card lies in the entry-level range. The PNY P600 creates simple yet visually stunning 2D and 3D models very well. It's a card that will be great for your budget.

It comes with 2 GB of ultra-fast memory and 384 cores powered by the Pascal architecture. Moreover, it also supports up to four 4K displays at 60 Hz turning your workstation into a visual treat.

Pick the Card for Your Workload

For those looking to create the largest designs, simulate the most complex problems, and develop the most intricate, detailed, and lifelike VR experiences possible, then go with the NVIDIA Quadro P6000. As far as high CAD performance goes, the P6000 is the top of the line and provides incredible rendering power for the largest, most demanding rendering workloads.

If you are looking for the perfect balance of performance, compelling features, and compact form factor, then go with the NVIDIA Quadro P2000. This graphic card is perfect for users with intermediate level requirements for a variety of professional 3D applications.

If you are looking to lower the total cost of your computing solution, then the NVIDIA Quadro P600 is your choice. While it may not be able to provide you with enough computing performance for your most advanced CAD tasks, the P600 is still suitable for creating relatively simple 2D and 3D renderings.

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