Everything You Need to Know About Mining Cards From NVIDIA and AMD

July 20, 2017 • 1 min read

Mining Cards from NVIDIA & AMD

You've probably noticed the prices of GPUs skyrocketing due to the recent cryptocurrency mining craze. NVIDIA has since reacted to the demand and presented a new GPU specifically geared towards miners. This card will not have any Displayports and only has a three-month warranty. The 90-day warranty is a major setback, but the price should more than compensate for the warranty period. This is their attempt to clear up shortages. The idea is to give miners an affordable price while steering the demand away from the consumer gaming market. The mining GPU version is focused around the GeForce GTX 1060 9Gbps model, and the price should be cheaper than the consumer-grade version ($250).

AMD Responds

There have also been reports of an AMD mining card version, namely the RX 470. Created by Biostar, the card is catered to the mining community. It features minimal displays and specific clocks/tunes for miners with a limited warranty. These cards are not available to the consumer community. You can find them from resellers who have canceled orders or leftover quantities.

The GP106-100 mining GPU will be available soon, and it should have higher ratings than the GTX 1060 consumer-grade version. Some sites already have orders available for this GPU and data centers have already filled up with them. Hopefully, this will clear the market and allow for NVIDIA to focus on gaming and high-end graphics rather than cryptocurrency mining.

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