4 Ways that Virtual Reality Can Change the Future

May 26, 2017 • 3 min read


The Future is VR.

There is no doubt virtual reality will play a huge role in our future. The possibilities are endless. From imaginative worlds like The Matrix or Ghost in the Shell to actual current uses such as test environments or activities, keep your eyes open, because VR is on its way.

Helping Paraplegics Regain Leg Function

A study by Duke University has demonstrated the promise of VR is helping paraplegics restore mobility for patients who suffer from chronic spinal cord injuries.

During a 12-month study, the Oculus Rift was used to measure brainwave activity for paraplegic patients. Researchers discovered that by simulating actual movements through VR, patients recovered lower limb movement that had been inactive since their injuries. In fact, 4 of 8 patients transitioned from full to partial paraplegics. Though this small study is still in its infancy, it demonstrates the promises VR can offer to the medical community.

Information Preservation for Court Cases

There are many inconsistencies and errors that go into court cases. The jury may incorrectly "remember" facts, be overwhelmed with information, and cannot make the best-informed decisions. Now imagine if jurors were able to "experience" the crime scene first-hand and see the crime scene set-up through the use of VR.



Investigators have already begun to use this technology. This ranges from creating virtual maps of the scene to using MRI and CT scanners to get in-depth pictures of injuries. Unfortunately, much of the data is unused. Jurors find it difficult to apply the VR findings to their final decision. Regardless, VR brings exciting changes to crime investigation.

Hands-On Instruction

Remember The Magic School Bus that Ms. Frizzle used to pack her students into that shrank down to microscopic size? With a child's imagination, this was a fun and creative way to educate kids about a variety of topics. While a magic school bus may not exist, VR brings us one step closer to simulate optimal teaching environments like ones in the show.


Experimentation & Product Testing

Some of humanity's greatest discoveries involved risk-taking and unpredictable circumstances. By simulating experiments or dangerous scenarios, we can predict ways in which a situation could go awry. While not all scenarios can be predicted with VR, it would give scientists and researchers considerable cost and safety advantages.

We hope to empower you with the knowledge and use for VR with this blog, and head over to our solutions to find out how you can utilize the power of virtual reality.


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