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Top 10 Machine Learning and AI Trends for 2022

January 25, 2022 • 11 min read


Top 10 Machine Learning and AI Trends For 2022

With each passing year artificial intelligence (AI) continues to be a potent driver of transformation for industries and businesses around the world. Simultaneously, these industries supported by AI are also evolving and changing.

New AI advances create new opportunities for industries to evolve and expand at an even greater rate.

From hyperautomation to voice and language-driven intelligence, this article will give an overview of what we expect to be the driving main trends in 2022 and which industries will be most affected by them.

Our list of top 10 AI trends include:

  • Hyperautomation
  • Responsible AI
  • AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things)
  • AI in Cybersecurity
  • Autonomous Vehicles/Equipment
  • Facial Recognition
  • The Use of AI in Personalization
  • Expanding the Metaverse
  • AI for AI
  • Voice and Language-Driven Intelligence

1. Hyperautomation

Hyperautomation is the process of automating every step that is able to be automated in a given process of “events.” A deeper explanation from UIPath states that hyperautomation is the process of applying advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation, to automate and templatize tasks that used to be humans’ responsibility.

The act of automating business processes is nothing new, but the introduction of RPA (robotic process automation) has begun to pick up in recent years. In fact, hyperautomation is taking over nearly every conceivable aspect of industries like manufacturing, ecommerce, and supply chain as businesses look to streamline costs. With RPA you can keep production lines running 24/7 without worrying about labor costs, health emergencies (hello, pandemic!), strikes, or physical location considerations like having a human labor pool close by.

As costs for implementing RPA continue to decline, more industries are jumping onboard to implement hyperautomation processes, including logistics and construction industries.

As RPA technologies become more sophisticated and accurate, more and more industries will be adapting hyperautomation to streamline daily business operations.

2. Responsible AI

One of the more controversial machine learning and AI trends for 2022 is the rise of responsible AI. Certain industry sectors, like manufacturing and supply chain, are demanding automated decision-making systems be able to explain the reasons behind their conclusions. These decisions must be proven to be free of any bias.

This means machine learning and AI programs will need to be trained in ethics. As more businesses recognize the need for ethical technology, ethics will continue to play an important role in stimulating innovation and economic success.


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As responsible AI adoption becomes more prevalent than ever, issues such as algorithm fairness and data openness will need to be better addressed this year.

3. AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things)

As the Internet of Things (IoT) has been merging with AI the relationship between the two has become increasingly complex.


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These two powerhouses are called AIoT when they are used in tandem. The power of AI to deliver actionable insights in real-time will propel the IoT to new heights by allowing it to take actions based on data collected by IoT devices, making them more efficient.

The deployment of 5G, which is already enabling quicker data transfers between IoT devices, is a major force behind this AIoT technology.

As AI's intervention in this technology enables for automated operations on a much greater scale, this will result in a surge in smart homes, offices, and cities powered by sensor-driven gadgets, making it a shoe-in for our top machine learning and AI trends for 2022.

4. AI in Cybersecurity

AI algorithms have already been employed in a variety of applications and this is nothing new. From preventing cyber assaults, monitoring corporate networks, detecting dangerous software, and more, AI in Cybersecurity already seems like it is the new normal.

However, smart hackers are now causing problems for businesses by manipulating data used in model training, gaining access to sensitive data via reverse engineering AI systems, and detecting security flaws in corporate networks.


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To combat these smart hackers, the IT industry will need to increase their own use of AI in counter measures, which will cause a boom for AI in the Cybersecurity space. This is a trend that will carry on in importance in pretty much every year ahead of us.

5. Autonomous Vehicles/Equipment

The continued proliferation of self-driving Tesla automobiles has helped advance AI applications on the road over the past several years.


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One trend we need to mention as the next big machine learning and AI trend for 2022 is the rapid expansion and use of autonomous vehicles and equipment outside of personal use.

We've seen a tremendous increase in purchases online for businesses over the last two years of the pandemic, which necessitates an increased amount of transportation. As a result, there is a pressing need to invest in the development and deployment of the next generation of fully autonomous delivery vehicles, whether they are long-haul trucks or last-mile delivery vans.

Not only will the logistics and supply chain industries be affected by this, but even the food delivery and passenger transportation industries as well.

6. Facial Recognition

Despite the controversy and debate surrounding facial recognition technology, its popularity among worldwide corporations and governments will see the technology refined and rolled out at scale in 2022. We have seen facial recognition that was not used to its full potential and, if we are honest, implemented before it was truly ready since it is often times plagued by racial and cultural biases.

However, we are sure facial recognition technology will improve at accomplishing what it was created for: tracking nodal points on a human's face and matching them to a database of images.


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Due to the nature of deep learning and machine learning, facial recognition technology can only improve over time, which means it will then be able to be expanded into multiple industries beyond simple security, smartphone technology, and social apps. It will also play a larger role in cybersecurity and the entertainment industries, among others.

7. The Use of AI in Personalization

Users expect customized experiences with digital companies all the time, from banking to e-commerce, and personalized digital experiences have swiftly become the norm.

This has resulted in a surge in advances in machine learning and AI's predictive capabilities, which are assisting businesses in gaining more accurate user insights. We predict seeing AI in personalization as one of the major AI trends for 2022 as more companies aggregate personal data to deliver experiences that drive individual engagement.

As more companies begin to create personalized digital experiences, AI technology will need to advance to meet demand. Businesses will benefit from these technologies as well by knowing far more about their customers, allowing them to better forecast and recommend products.

8. Expanding the Metaverse

The metaverse is a virtual reality platform that simulates real-world situations and characters using speech API, computer vision, and natural language comprehension. The metaverse allows users to interact and collaborate in their life-like avatars.


Major players in the digital space like Facebook and Amazon have announced their investment in the metaverse and it is projected to grow outside of gaming and media as a result of the pandemic-driven shift to a digital environment.

There are no limits for what could happen with the metaverse expansion, which is why it has to take a spot on the top machine learning and AI trends for 2022.

9. AI for AI

If you're unfamiliar with AI for AI, it entails utilizing AI to automate the stages and processes involved in the creation, deployment, management, and operation of AI models. AI can design its own algorithms to solve issues, boost efficiency, and produce meaningful research data at a certain level.


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For obvious reasons, this trend is going to be one of the top machine learning and AI trends for 2022 simply because we are entering an age where we are closer to AIs being able to develop and create AI to solve problems before we can think of them.

AI for AI will affect every industry imaginable to some degree or another because the possibilities will truly be endless.

10. Voice and Language-Driven Intelligence

At the start of the pandemic in 2020, there was a surge of voice and language-driven AI to accommodate the needs of moving into a near-entirely digital world.

Since then, voice and language-driven AI has grown leaps and bounds and will likely continue to do so. More importantly, our world is naturally already shifting toward contactless technology due to general hygiene concerns.


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Any businesses that use digital client interfacing technology will see a rise in the use of voice and language-driven AI in order to become more inclusive and more prepared to serve their clients in 2022.

AI will play a larger role in inclusivity, making it a great trend to wrap up our top AI and machine learning trends for 2022.

Looking for more information on AI and Machine Learning trends?

AI is constantly changing technology and the world around us, and the trends we discusses in this article will play a large role in advancements made in 2022. If you think we overlooked any major AI trends for 2022, then we would like to know about that, too. Simply add your comments below!

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