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Relion for Cryo-EM Solutions: Enhance Your Applications Now!

September 21, 2017 • 1 min read

Relion for Cryo-EM Solutions

GPU solutions are constantly being developed to meet deep learning demand in many industries. We are excited to announce new Relion GPU solutions created specifically for electron cryo-microscopy! Developed by Sjors Spheres at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Bilogy, Relion is an image processing software built for macro-molecular structural analysis of electron cryo-microscopy data. See below how Relion for Cryo-EM can help analyze data structure.


Relion accelerates computational imaging by utilizing graphic processors to address computationally intensive steps of Cryo-EM structures. SabrePC has developed optimized solutions with the recommended minimum 64GB memory and GPUs based on your requirements and budget. Tap into Relion's Cryo-EM software with SabrePC GPU solutions! Contact us now for more information.





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