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AMD Radeon™ Pro VII Graphics Now Available

May 22, 2020 • 1 min read


The AMD Radeon™ Pro VII workstation graphics card is purpose-built to deliver high performance and innovative features within a reasonable budget to media and broadcast professionals who demand a powerful GPU. The Radeon™ Pro VII offers a dedicated encode and decode video acceleration¹ supporting stunning 8K high-resolution content and exceptional depth of detail when displayed on walls or digital signage.

The “Vega” chip architecture of the Radeon™ Pro VII is ideally suited to different codecs, projects, and workflows when the GPU is placed under large task and resolution stresses. In this situation, a large amount of Compute Units and Stream Processors of the ultra-fast GPU ensure project interactivity remains.

Additionally, engineers can take advantage of the 7nm “Vega” architecture, 16GB of high-speed HBM2 memory, and double-precision throughput, the AMD Radeon™ Pro VII empowers engineers to run complex design simulations throughout their product development workflows. The “Vega” chip architecture of the Radeon™ Pro VII GPU offers an excellent compute engine with affordable double-precision performance, helping simulation software to perform quicker under heavy simulation workloads. Combined with support for ultra-fast PCIe® 4.0, I/O bottlenecks are crushed.

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