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A Small BirdDog Flex for a Connected World

October 12, 2020 • 2 min read


Introducing the Flex 4K Family

As we move into a new normal during a pandemic, we all want to stay connected. Streaming has been the new form of communication and gaining knowledge in the classroom to enjoying a livestream music concert in the convenience of your own room. BirdDog has introduced the 4K Flex Family 3 new models to power such a big task without any lag or disruption for the best quality video streaming. The Flex 4K In, 4K Backpack and Flex 4K Out fits perfectly for any network or PTZ camera controller and a great compliment to the Blackmagic Pocket camera 4K. To reduce carbon footprint, BirdDogs Flex 4K line is only slightly bigger than a credit card making the Flex 4K NDI Encoders and Decoders one of the smallest in the world.

The Flex Family NDI devices are run through POE (Power over Ethernet) and a 15w power output to allow encode NDI, power monitor and video recording all at the same time. Workflow has never been easy with the BirdDog Flex 4K devices it is as easy as plug and play to your camera and connecting to your network. One big benefit to the 4K Flex Out is its ability to control PTZ camera controllers using lower latency and a higher frame rate for broadcasting a class for a university to showing Sunday service. The BirdDog 4K Flex is a powerful tool to help broadcast videos when a time where we rely on video streaming for information. One small flex for a big device.

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BirdDog BDFLEXENC Flex 4K In Full NDI Encoder:

BirdDog BDFLEXBP Flex 4K BackPack Full NDI Encoder

BirdDog BDFLEXDEC Flex 4K Out Full NDI Decode




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