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3 Things to Consider Before You Live Stream

August 31, 2017 • 2 min read

What is streaming?

Streaming isn’t just the act of downloading and watching videos from the internet. Also known as broadcasting, streaming means recording live videos to an audience on the internet. Streamers broadcast activities in real-time, like Facetime or Skype, and share their world. There are several platforms for you to stream to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Twitch. These services all do the same thing, albeit with different audiences. You can stream anything you want (abiding by the host web site's terms of services and rules, of course) ranging from your live streaming a video game you're playing, to what your housemate is cooking, or even a sporting event you're attending, etc. When you choose to go live, anyone with an internet connection can tune in to your stream and check out what you’re up to in real-time.

Can you stream?

These days almost anyone can. If you have a capable device (typically any smartphone or modern computer) and a steady data connection, you’re good to go. Many people already do to show off to their friends and family. Some streamers are even popular enough to stream for a living. Want to try streaming? Here are some things to consider:

  1. You are at the center stage.
    1. The biggest thing with streaming is that it’s live. People can chat with you in the comfort of their own device or home, and what you show in the frame is what they see at that moment. People can actively cheer you on and react to what you’re doing in real-time.
  2. Your audience might not play nice.
    1. In the safety of their own screen, strangers, or even people you know can say things that they may not have imagined saying to your face in real life. They may feel empowered to say unkind and impolite remarks.
  3. Don’t do it for fame or fortune.
    1. It sounds like a dream to show the world what you’re made of through streaming, but it’s extremely difficult to make it big. People who currently make a living off streaming have been doing it for years without any pay or recognition. They are among the few thousand others trying to do the same thing and even then, they’re considered lucky. If you stream, do it for fun or purpose.

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