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Matrox MURA-MPX44HF Mura MURA-MPX44HF Video Wall Controller Card


Matrox MURA-MPX44HF Mura MURA-MPX44HF Video Wall Controller Card

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Product Details

The Matrox Mura MPX-4/4 video wall controller board makes no compromises as it redefines the future of collaborative video walls and wall matrix management. The unique single-slot board design supports four HD inputs and four HD outputs on the same PCI Express x16 Gen2 board—leveraging 64 Gbit/sec duplex data transfer for the flawless display of video input captures without sacrificing frame rate, color or resolution. In addition, the Mura MPX-4/4 output/input board features highly flexible, universal input channel support for both digital and analog video signals (DVI, RGB/VGA, Component, S-Video, & Composite), and captures and displays each signal at full true color (24-bit) image quality. The Mura MPX-4/4 video wall controller card can be combined with other Matrox Mura MPX Series boards to create tailored video wall solutions with support for additional digital and analog video, as well as SDI video, inputs.
Product Features
  • Single-slot board design with integrated support of 4 output and 4 input channels on the same board 
  • Combine multiple Matrox Mura MPX Series boards to drive desired channel requirements—all from a single system 
  • PCI Express x16 Gen2 host bus connection leverages 64 Gbit/s full duplex data transfer 
  • Maximum output resolution of 2048x1152 (SL-DVI) & 2048x1536 (RGB/VGA) per display Maximum input resolution of 1920x1200 (SL-DVI, RGB/VGA), 1920x1080i (Component), and NTSC/PAL/SECAM (S-Video, Composite) per input 
  • HDCP compliant board captures protected video content from digital cable, satellite set-top boxes, video streamers and Blu-ray players and outputs the content to HDCP-enabled displays 
  • Designed for control rooms, operation centers and other mission critical environments as well as digital signage, and presentation systems that require stable, reliable video wall technology 
  • Supports Bezel Management as well as Edge Overlap for multi-projector platforms in both landscape and portrait modes 
  • Multi-functional board design facilitates video switching, signal conversion, scaling and de-interlacing from a single board, eliminating the need for separate solutions 
  • Backwards compatible with Matrox VPX and Matrox PPX Series display wall applications 
  • Network API provides an easy-to-use programming interface for remotely controlling Mura MPX-powered video wall solutions 
  • Software Development Kit (SDK), which includes the Matrox Displaywall API, Network API and PowerDesk API, is available to select partners 
  • Matrox MuraControl for iPad and MuraControl for Windows software easily and intuitively controls your video wall and the comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK) helps create third party video wall control applications 
  • Easily integrate AMX and Crestron controller systems with Mura-powered video walls 
  • Designed for Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) and Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 bit) Global sales and technical support
Technical Specs

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Brand Matrox
Part Number MURA-MPX44HF
Graphics memory 2GB
Board type 4 outputs, 4 inputs
Bus interface Output/input boards: PCI Express x16 card (Gen2)
Data transfers 64 Gbit/sec duplex data transfer
Output formats SL-DVI, RGB(VGA)
Input formats SL-DVI, RGB(VGA), Component, S-Video, Composite
Output Resolutions SL-DVI: 1920x1200 @ 60Hz / 50Hz
RGB(VGA): 2048x1536 @ 60Hz / 50Hz
Input Resolutions HD: 1920x1200 @ 60Hz / 50Hz
SL-DVI: 1920x1200 @ 60Hz / 50Hz
RGB(VGA): 1920x1200 @ 60Hz / 50Hz
Component(YPbPr): 1080i
Composite: NTSC/PAL
Dimensions (HxL) 9.5 x 4.407 inches1 / 9.5 x 3.905 inches
Weight (boards) 298g
OS support Matrox drivers for Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) and Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 bit)
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