Matrox Graphics Multi-Display Solutions
Matrox DualHead2Go
DualHead2Go Analog
DualHead2Go Digital
DualHead2Go Digital ME
DualHead2Go Digital SE
DualHead2Go DP Edition
Matrox TripleHead2Go
TripleHead2Go Digital
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Matrox Graphics M-Series
M9120 PCIe x16
M9120 Plus LP PCIe x1
M9120 Plus LP PCIe x16
M9125 PCIe x16
M9128 LP PCIe x16
M9138 LP PCIe x16
M9140 LP PCIe x16
M9148 LP PCIe x16
M9188 PCIe x16

Display Wall, Thin Computing, Video
Over IP, and KVM Extenders Solutions

Matrox Graphics offers the most extensive line of reliable multi-display solutions for industries that require stable, high-reliability products. Matrox Graphics provides a complete line-up of multi-display solutions to solve real-world business issues whether video is distributed directly or remotely from your work place.

Display Wall Products:

Matrox video display wall products have the most scalable architecture in the industry, and enable OEMs and A/V Integrators to customize installations based on customer-specific requirements.Matrox display wall controller boards provide flexible setups. Display more.
Matrox Mura MPX Series
Product Name Description Output formats Input formats
Mura MPX-4/4 Four Output / Four Input SL-DVI, RGB (VGA) SL-DVI, RGB (VGA), Component, S-Video, Composite
Mura MPX-4/2 Four Output / Two Input SL-DVI, RGB (VGA) SL-DVI, RGB (VGA), Component, S-Video, Composite
Mura MPX-4/0 Four Output / Zero Input SL-DVI, RGB (VGA) N/A
Mura MPX-SDI Two Output / Two Input SL-DVI, RGB (VGA) SDI
Mura MPX-V8 Input-Only N/A S-Video, Composite
Mura MPX-V16 Input-Only N/A S-Video, Composite
MuraControl for Windows An intuitive application that allows you to manage your Mura MPX-powered video wall

Thin Computing Solutions:

Matrox Epica and P690 dual- and quad-display graphics cards are specially designed for thin computing environments with their low power consumption, passive (fanless) cooling, and PCI bus interfaces. These graphics cards includes innovative, server-based software which manages multi-display configurations in remote sessions.
Matrox Epica Series Dual- and quad-display graphics designed for thin computing environments
Product Name Max Display Outputs/Card Max Display Outputs/Thin Client
Epica TC20+ 2 (4 with quad analog upgrade cable) 4 (6 with quad analog upgrade cable)
Epica TC48 4 6

Video Over IP Solutions:

Based on a dedicated H.264 encode/decode platform, Maevex Series enables excellent-quality, cost-effective video extension and playback over standard LAN connectivity at user-defined low bit rates for minimal network bandwidth consumption.
Matrox Maevex Series
Product Name Video Input Video Output
Maevex 5150 Encoder HDMI, DVI HDMI, DVI, HD15, Analog VGA
Maevex 5150 Decoder - HDMI
Maevex 5150 Encoder/Decoder Bundle Package includes: (1) Maevex Encoder (1) Maevex Decoder

KVM Extenders Solutions:

Matrox KVM Extenders separate standard peripherals such as keyboard, video and mouse from the computer by up to 4 km (13123 ft) with fiber-optic cabling. This extension technology offers a variety of connectivity options and supports dual, quad, and more, multi-monitor configurations.
Matrox Avio
Product Name Video Connector #1 Video Connector #2 USB HID Type Mini-B
Avio F125 Transmitter 1x DVI-D SL/DL 1x DVI-D SL 3
Avio F125 Receiver - - -
Avio F120 Transmitter 1x DVI-D SL/DL 1x DVI-D SL 2
Avio F120 Receiver - - -
Matrox Extio
Product Name Maximum1extensiondistance # Displays supported Connectors
Extio F2408 1 km / 3280 feet 4 4 DisplayPort
F2408E Expander 5 m MMF cable 4 4 DisplayPort
Extio F2208 1 km / 3280 feet 2 2 DisplayPort