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NVIDIA GRID: The Power of Cloud Gaming

Streaming video and music to TVs, PCs and tablets using cloud services like Netflix, YouTube, Pandora and Spotify has become the predominant way to enjoy content for connected devices. The convenience of large cloud-managed libraries of content with stream-anywhere capability is impossible to resist.

Now with revolutionary NVIDIA GRID cloud gaming technology, you’ll soon be able to stream video games from the web just like any other streaming media. GRID renders 3D games in cloud servers, encodes each frame instantly and streams the result to any device with a wired or wireless broadband connection.

Dedicated Cloud Gaming Solution

- More concurrent users: Enable up to 48 HD-quality game streams from a single server using NVIDIA's new GPU virtualization technology.

- NVIDIA VGX Hypervisor: The VGX Hypervisor manages GPU resources to allow multiple users to share GPU hardware while increasing user density and creating a true PC gaming experience in the cloud.

- Lower latency: NVIDIA has focused on reducing game server latency, achieving an amazing 30 ms reduction with the NVIDIA GRID platform. The end result is a cloud gaming experience that feels like playing on a local console.

NVIDIA Software Features

- High quality gaming driver: Industry-leading GRID gaming drivers are the premier GPU software platform for delivering unmatched stability for server uptime and amazing graphics effects such as DirectX 11 tessellation, NVIDIA PhysX, and high-quality anti-aliasing.

- NVIDIA Fast Capture API: Captures the output of multiple rendered games or the entire operating system desktop instantly from the GPU, and send the images to the GPUs' built-in H.264 encoder. As a result, latency is reduced for users by up to 30ms over standard graphics card and allows cloud gaming to feel like playing on a local console.

- Multi-stream hardware encoder with QoS: Encode multiple HD quality (720p/1080p) H.264 streams on each GRID GPU with advanced Quality-of-Service (QoS) features to ensure low-latency, smooth cloud gaming on any device.

AMD Radeon Sky: Cloud Gaming Soars to New Heights

Cloud gaming is soaring to new heights. New AMD Radeon™ Sky Series graphics cards and AMD RapidFire Technology bring the full AMD Radeon gaming experience to the cloud. With consideration for performance, quality and latency, AMD Radeon Sky Series with AMD RapidFire technology helps enable cloud gaming service companies to stream PC and console-quality gaming experiences to any device.

Which GRID is right for you

Radeon Sky: Features

- High Density Performance: AMD Radeon Sky Series are capable of supporting up to six HD game streams at once. With AMD Radeon Sky Series cloud gaming service providers can maximize existing infrastructure and resources to support even more simultaneous game streams, from casual games up to the most demanding AAA titles. AMD Radeon Sky Series products are designed to support a wide range of servers systems.

- High Quality Multi-Game Streaming: AMD Radeon Sky Series graphics card can support up to six HD (720p) game streams each, and quality is not compromised for quantity. Each of the six game streams supports up to 30 frames per second. With a focus on minimizing latency over the network, users can play their favorite games at HD resolutions (720p) without impacting game performance. AMD Radeon Sky Series graphics cards also support 1080p game streams.

- AMD Radeon Advantage: Raise the settings, increase the resolution, and play the best games on the best hardware. Gamers streaming from the cloud can get the full AMD Radeon gaming experience they've come to know and love on their PCs or consoles on any device they choose, from anywhere. Experience the latest DirectX 11.1 games as they were intended, and retain access to unique AMD enabled features, like TressFX Hair, the world's first in-game implementation of a real-time, per-strand hair physics system that gives characters more lifelike appearances.