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AMD OS6134WKT8EGO Opteron 6134 Magny-Cours 2.3GHz G34 Server CPU-Tray


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AMD OS6134WKT8EGO Opteron 6134 Magny-Cours 2.3GHz G34 Server CPU-Tray

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Product Details

Match tough workloads with the right fit server platform??PN:OS6134WKT8EGO?? and realize superior performance in memory and compute intensive workloads. Gain advantages normally reserved for high-end systems, with exceptional value, low total cost of ownership, and generational consistency.

Upgrade your server with the speed, performance and energy efficiency that your network demands with the 8-core Opteron 6134. This powerful processor offers you the versatility you need at a price point you??l appreciate. Not only will you enjoy the computing power of eight cores, but you??l also have the same footprint, power usage and thermal envelopes as previous AMD counterpart.

The eight cores per socket offer improved performance for multithreaded environments like database and Web serving. HT Assist reduces probe traffic for cache sensitive applications. You??l also enjoy the power-saving features. Energy efficiency innovations include Cool????uiet, Smart Fetch and AMD CoolCore to ensure minimal cost and impact on the environment.

AMD Opteron processors also offer support for Virtualization Technology. You can run virtual environments on one system with ease, allowing you to use legacy programs on a separate operating system. Opteron processors also allow for extended migration of virtual machines between physical machines running AMD Opteron processors. Add the convenience and power of multi-core processing and enjoy the benefits of energy efficiency with an AMD Opteron 6134 today!

EIGHT-COREThe AMD Opteron 6134 integrates of up to 8 cores within the same package, and each core having its own L1 and L2 caches, and a shared 12MB L3 cache, offering improved performance and performance/watt (compared to prior generations) for multithreaded environments like virtualization, database, and web serving.

ADVANCED POWER MANAGEMENTThe AMD Opteron 6134 boasts AMD CoolCore Technology, AMD PowerNow! Technology, Enhanced C1 state, AMD CoolSpeed Technology, and APML (in APML enabled platforms) for unprecedented power efficiency.

MULTIPLE MEMORY SUPPORTThe AMD Opteron 6134 supports Quad-Channel LV & U/RDDR 3, ECC, and support for on-line spare memory up to 3 DIMMs/channel, up to 12 DIMMs per CPU, which helps to reduce overall power consumption and improve overall system performance.

AMD64 WITH DIRECT CONNECT ARCHITECTURE 2.0AMD64 technology allows the Opteron 6134 processor to run 32-bit applications at full speed while enabling a new generation of powerful 64-bit software applications. Moreover, the Opteron 6134 is built on AMD?? revolutionary Direct Connect Architecture, where processors are directly connected to one another. An I/O and memory subsystem is also directly connected to each processor, helping improve overall system performance and efficiency.

HYPERTRANSPORT 3.0 TECHNOLOGY WITH HT ASSISTHyperTransport Technology (HT or HTT) is a high-speed, low latency, point-to-point link designed to increase communication speeds between integrated circuits in computers, servers, embedded systems, and networking and telecommunications equipment. HT 3.0 technology offers the processor up to a maximum 6.4GT/s interconnect rate. HT Assist helps to increase coherent memory bandwidth and reduce latency in multi-node systems by reducing cache probe traffic between cores, resulting in faster queries that can increase performance for cache sensitive applications such as database, virtualization, and compute intensive applications.

AMD VIRTUALIZATION (AMD-V) 2.0Virtualization allows multiple operating systems, applications, or user sessions to run simultaneously on a single computing system. AMD Virtualization (AMD-V) is a set of unique on-chip features that help AMD processor-based servers and clients run multiple operating systems and applications on a single machine by improving the efficiency of virtualization software. AMD-V technology allows you to better utilize your resources, which makes your client systems, servers, and datacenters more effective.

Technical Specs

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Product Line Opteron
Product Type Processor
Multi-Core 8-core
Clock Speed 2.30 GHz
HyperTransport Speed 6400MHz
Process Technology 45nm
Product Series 6100
L2 Cache 8 x 512KB
L3 Cache 12MB
CPU Socket Type Socket G34
Input Voltage 1.3 V DC
Thermal Design Power 115W
64 bit Support Yes
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